Thursday, 14 November 2013

Project Runway All Stars Blog: Zanna Roberts Rassi Imagines Which Celebs Would Wear the Episode 4 Looks! [ Bus1nessN3wz ]


Zanna Roberts Rassi

| Übersetzt von Cinya Burton

14. November 2013 – 20:40

This week was one of my favorite challenges: An unconventional one.

Designers were packed on to a school bus and driven to an elementary school. There they raided the classroom for anything they could get their grubby little mitts on— rulers, mats, folders, jump ropes—you name it, they used it. And to impressive results. There is something about dealing with these obscure and unusual fabrics that makes designers think outside the box and get truly crazy creative.

However, because the only people we really see in unconventional clothing are celebs I decided to play a little game of Fantasy All Stars. Imagine your favorite stars trussed up in PRWAS classroom creations below!

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Jeffery’s design: Miley Cyrus

Fabric: Floor mats, folders, jump ropes

Cartoon couture for our Miley who isn’t afraid to flash some ass! Grammys, anyone?

Irina’s design: Katy Perry

Fabric: Construction paper, paper clips, pencil cases

Sweetheart neckline? Check. Bodice? Check. Impossible to wear color? Check. Full circle skirt? Check. Origami flowers? Check! Need I say anymore?

Viktor’s design: Selena Gomez

Fabric: Rubber bands, rulers, thumb tacks

I would love to see the 21-year-old in something this fun and youthful. Plus, it would be a break from her more sophisticated dresses.

Christopher’s design: Madonna

Fabric: Binders, toy magnets

A sexy Darth Vador vibe with a don’t f–k with me attitude!

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Elena’s design: Rooney Mara

Fabric: Rulers, binders, protractors

Cool and sharp. Fake curves would work well on her straight up-and-down figure and she loves a bare midriff. 

Seth’s design: Lady Gaga

Fabric: Plastic folders, rulers, kickball

Perhaps a little tame for the meat-wearing Gaga but I think this futuristic flapper dress would be perfect for the singer. Plus, there’s the rubber ball hat!

Korto’s design: Paris Hilton

Fabric: Rubber bands, bean bags, rulers

Paris loves a micro mini halter ensemble!

Michael’s design: Nicki Minaj

Fabic: Construction Paper, jump ropes

Clashing colors, cutouts, jagged edges, a little disheveled…perfect for Ms. Minaj.

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